Long Distance Relationships- Ivory Herman

  Being in a long-distance relationship definitely has its ups and downs and can sometimes make communication harder than if the partners lived closer to each other. Long-distance relationships, nonetheless, are still as meaningful and fulfilling as a closer relationship could be. 

     Senior at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, Mary Sboray, shares her thoughts on long-distance relationships. 

     “Long-distance relationships will only work if both parties are willing to make the relationship work. It can be a difficult experience, but it will be worth it in the end,” Sboray added. 

     The hardships that come with not seeing your partner on a regular basis are things that can make or break a relationship–It just depends on how much work is being put into the relationship at the end of the day. 

     Sboray kept on with what she thinks is the hardest thing in a long-distance relationship.

     “Trust. Trusting someone to be faithful while being states or even countries away is a lot of stress. Stress can definitely make a difference in a relationship; It’s just how the partners decide to handle that stress that makes a difference,” Sboray said. 

     Trust is significant within any kind of relationship, but within a relationship that crosses state lines is even more crucial to a successful relationship. 

     Sboray caps off her thoughts with some advice she’d give to someone in a new long distance relationship. 

     “Be honest with your partner. Tell them what is working and what’s not working for the relationship. That will make the relationship ten times better if you have a healthy and open line of communication,” Sboray voiced. 

     Honesty is the best policy and will solidify the meaning behind their relationship. Relationships are hard to manage, but with the right person it’s all worth it. 

     Freshman at Southeastern University, Maryann Pinney, talks about her experiences with people in long-distance relationships. 

     “Long-distance relationships can be meaningful if you had met before the distance, but if you just meet online, it’s not as deep of a connection,” Pinney stated.

     The in person connection is really important, but with people who meet online the connection can definitely be meaningful in a different way. 

     Pinney continues with what people may get wrong about long-distance relationships. 

     “Some people think just because you love someone long distance wouldn’t be that hard, but it is. No matter how good of a communicator you are, the distance makes the relationship so hard,” Pinney expressed. 

     Distance can sometimes make the heart grow fonder, but in some cases it can cause a tear in the relationship. It just depends on how hard the two people work to make the relationship grow. 

     Pinney finishes with what the hardest part of a long-distance relationship is for her. 

     “All of the people I love are in Ohio, and I’m in Florida. It makes it difficult when my love language is physical touch and quality time, and I can’t get either of those. These things make the relationship hard but not impossible,” Pinney said. 

     Long-distance relationships come with their own challenges, just like any other relationship; however, if two people genuinely want to make it work, they will. 

     Junior at Kent State University, Sam Clark, shares their thoughts on how long-distance relationships work. 

     “You have to be intentional about reaching out to your partner because without that you won’t talk as much. You will lose touch with them because you can’t see them every day,” Clark voiced. 

     Being intentional in any relationship is essential, but when you cannot physically see that person every day, it becomes even more important. 

     Clark carries on with how love is blind and how that goes into having a relationship. 

     “When you meet someone online and have never seen them in person, you get to know them as a person before you meet them by seeing their face first. After you meet someone online, you can fall in love with them in one way, and when you finally meet in person, you can fall in love in another way,” Clark shared. 

     Clark finalizes their thoughts with what is the easiest part of a long-distance relationship. 

     “We can talk from anywhere because of our phones now. It makes it easy to get in touch with my partner whenever I need them, and they can always contact me too,” Clark addressed. 

     Relationships are hard work, and to make them work it takes quite a bit of strength. Long distance makes it even harder to maintain and keep a healthy relationship; however, it is possible with the right person. 


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